I met Dana several years ago while patronizing Stardoughs. His establishment soon become one of my favorite settings not only for it’s cuisine, but for Dana’s indelible smile and uplifting nature. He was always excited to see me, and always enthusiastic about what he was making for me (he even named a burger after me). I could be having the worst day, and his warm charisma and charm would lift me out of even the most dour of moods. This photo is from a trip, when we ran into Dana at a Subway in the middle of the vast expanse of I-5 somewhere between Sacramento and Los Angeles. He had just purchased his bright yellow truck, and was grinning ear to ear…as always (bought my sandwich too). It pains me greatly to lose such a sweet and considerate man. Blue Lake, Humboldt, and the world for that matter will not be the same without him.

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