Every New Face Was a Friend

The first time I met Dana, I walked into Stardoughs as a new Dell Arte student and Blue Lake resident.

When Dana first saw me, he walked over with the biggest smile that I have ever seen and said “Hey, where have you been?”

He proceeded to give me the warmest hug, greeting me as if I was his best friend in the whole world. Though we had never met, I knew instantly that he was a truly kindred soul.

This is who Dana was. So present and sincere with everyone that came through those doors.

In the year that followed, during my stay in Blue Lake, this was how he greeted me whenever we met…a big smile and a bear hug. Words can not express how much Dana impacted my life. The impression he made on me reaffirms all that is good in the world.

And because of Dana, I will never doubt, that in the end, Love wins.


photo credit: Love is ! whatever you want it to be ;-))) via photopin (license)

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