Brightest light

Dana hugged me literally every time I ever saw him. Without fail. Every time.

From the first time I met him (I’m a hugger and I was out-hugged), to the last time I saw him, and EVERY time in between. I got crushing, warm, pick-you-up-in-his-big-bear-arm hugs. And I loved ’em all.

Even at times I wasn’t ready for it, I felt better after each. He had a way of giving love to people that was so abundant and immediate, it felt surreal. He was a gift.

In those moments in his arms you couldn’t help but smile. It was overwhelming in the best way. That is what I will remember about Dana above all; the pure love, the HUG superior to all other hugs, and the original buddy that he will always be in my heart.

Love you, Buddy xoxo see you soon, Give me a hug!

photo credit: Crystal Bear via photopin (license)

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