Chocolate Cake

Probably around 7 years ago my mom and Dana had met in a pre requisite class for nursing school through CR.

My mom had always had a group of classmates over for study groups – Dana was one of the classmates. As their friendship turned to more they eventually began to date. I was 14 – and my parents had divorced a few years prior. I had a very hard time accepting that there was a new man in my moms life and Dana noticed this and accepted it. He tried so hard to gain my acceptance of him.

After a few weeks of them being together it was around 9 at night and they had ended class. He came over for a late dinner and brought me a slice of chocolate cake from star doughs. This was THE best cake I ever had. But the thing is I don’t know if it was because it was a good cake or the fact that he had thought of me and how to win me over.

This did it.

I had seen Dana in passing from time to time over the years and always made sure to say hi and see how he was doing. He was such a special, sweet man and I could never find a bad word to say about him. I’m truly sorry for the family and everyone else’s losses, but I know he will live on in spirit and never be forgotten.

His family is in my prayers.


photo credit: The last bit of Kummerspeck via photopin (license)

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