Love Actually

Dana’s mom, Diana, is my friend.

It was during her loving care of her father Jack, Dana’s grandpa, here on the Alameda Beach of Southshore, that I met Dana.

I was visiting Jack and Diana as Jack was preparing to take his leave. Dana was on his way to see him. As I was preparing to say goodnight, Dana arrived and his grandpa lit up! Jack said something like “it’s about time you got here”, and Dana, who had entered the bedroom with a smile and the feeling that he was just there for a visit as usual, went to his grandpa and they hugged with such love and genuine affection that it brought me to tears. Happy tears, as my dad used to say.

I did not know Dana long, but what I saw that evening along with all I am privileged to read in these remembrances, speak of such a loving soul that I can’t help but weep at his passing.

For the sake of love, his family, and life itself, I will endeavor to live as he lived instead of weeping.

Fly high Dana.

photo credit: SkyDay via photopin (license)

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