And He is with God

Well 1st , I’m not a good story teller but here goes…I had a feeling of great love and respect 4 Dana after 5 minutes of meeting him 4 the 1st time on a curvy road…and he left me in awe after the 2nd time I saw him .

He made me feel as if I was the owner of his land when he said I can do anything I want , could go anywhere I want on it as he asked me if I needed better accommodations at the same time… he was so willing 2 accommodate all my needs as he continued asking me about what I ate so he could make sure I had whatever I wanted 2 eat during my stay there and with that alone I never wanted 2 go back home .

I told several people he was 2 sweet , 2 considerate , 2 kind and 2 humble 4 a man from my point of view not very men n my whole 44 yrs of living EVERRRRR made it cross my path and I thought that way of them ( only 2 but even they let me down ) … and Dana not ever did fact thanks 2 Meriah’s writing I fell in love with him , him as a beautiful gorgeous human being with an AMAZING heart? & GORGEOUS soul …

May he rest in peace and treasure Heaven as I know he is there with God as God showed me that rainbow with those clouds behind it , in shape of an Angel and just like that I was in awe again with Dana

photo credit: Angel Cloud – HDR via photopin (license)

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