An Evening to Remember

On his way home from LA, Dana stopped by our house for the night.

He insisted on making the evening a fun one even though he arrived super late and planned to leave super early.

He got pizza for everyone and we all sat around the table and chatted about everything– music (Beatles!!), movies (“Beaches”??! He liked Beaches?! Meeeeee tooooo!!) , work, kids.

He was just about to become a granddaddy for the first time. “That baby is MINE,” he insisted, and we talked about the wood floors I wanted to put in my living room. He joked that once I ripped my carpets out, I would find huge black holes (and I kind of did).

That night, my house was filled with laughter, warmth, reflection, and merriment….


photo credit: Autumn is coming! via photopin (license)

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