Taught us love-patience-and complete forgive-ness

Once upon a 4/20/15 he saved Yurou and I from what could of became a overdose on Dramamine…somebody warned us not to, my sister, I got addicted- so did my best friend – my other best-friend didn’t even know how to handle our trip but the love we all had for each other made this hell hole of a drug alot kinder, we’re probably still detoxing that nasty brain melt omelet I encouraged my best-friend to take with me – Too this day..maybe – I stole the drug my self and finally got caught and fined in Humboldt CA – eureka for stealing eye-drops and Dramamine – Dana simply saved our lifes by pure love and the family being together again was pure joy – Everything I ever saw in Dana – The Hudson’s – The Stordock’s – My family is pure joy and joy being ripped away is still hard to even comprehend its almost like is this a dream??? I’m hurt that my family has to hurt over any loss without a proper answer. I love Dana and it took me forever to even phathhom a thought – well enough – to want to leave on this page but mainly he taught me how to not expect the worse or the best and to just enjoy the present so I celebrate every day with a dose of Dana aka what im calling my family agony – sleep deprived – anxiety – loss – pain – repeat has been my day everyday ever since he “Passed Away” and most of all I hate to see my love ones suffer over a uncaught criminal and being alive is scary now /: I hope to God the people turn them selves in…hiding is almost pointless – I don’t know why but I feel like I know who were in on it but idc the whole hell was raised by tweakers – he saved me and Yurou from overdosing on emptiness and filled our hearts with the traditional Dana Love. I praise all the memories we ever had with him and the breif “Hey there where’s my hug” I have never felt more guilt for taking granted of his trust once; but afterwards i stopped caring cause he always offered complete trust – forgiveness- kindness – you name it – he embodies it ;; Hard as a freak comprehending something like this so instantaneously RIP; Dana Hudson ; he inspired me to want to embody virtues like patience, trust, guilt-free justice, celebration, love, forgiveness, just I really miss him and its hard not to cry even writing this. Dana really was like sunshine and our strong family love saved me and Yurou completely cause we came out on the better side with more courage then the last every cloudy typhoon turned into rays of sunshine and we became better friends just from sharing a almost OD and coming out of it better believers in love then the first ; time

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